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Hello NAME M.Dan DATE 19:54:54(Mon)12/20

Hi, Gary. My name is Mitsuharu Dan. I live in Coffs 
Harbour in Australia.
I think I read your article about Scrambler XT. And 
I bought one last winter for diving.
I have no confidence to go out diving on the kayak 
yet but I am practicing now!
I wonder if you know David Birch. I often go diving 
with him. People don't know about freediving in Japan. 
I am thinking of submiting an article about it and asked my 
friend, Tadayuki Terada, one of the best freediver in 
Japan, to send me some pictures.
I am sure many freedivers are interested in the magagine I will pass the message.
See ya! 

choice! Freediveing I'm into it! NAME Gary Ellis DATE 11:23:04(Sun)12/19

I am unsure what will happen to this, but hey, who cares!  i'm new to the net, and am looking for chatters who freedive.  I submit articles for a great Magazine 
on freediving called - Freediving and Spearfishing News.  It is published in Austrailia, (english only) and is valued reading.
anyone interested in mailling me, go for it.  I will supply details of the mag if anyone wants it.
I dive in New Zealand where the diving is sensational.  Heaps of coastline, and a low population.  It has to be good doesn't it!.
I dive off a Scrambler XT dive kayak, made in Nz but is an american `Ocean Kayak' Design.
I certainly reccomend them. 
Well here's hoping I get a responce, and please direct to me on
with kind regards, and good diving!  merry xmas and all that too, Bye for now. 

re info NAME M.Dan DATE 20:14:04(Sat)10/23

Hello Helene. How are you? I live in Austraria so I don't know much about freediving in Japan. But some of my friend are diving in Japan if you want more information I can get for you.
Actually they makes their own guns and the guns that they made amased Australian divers when they competed in Australia.
Talk to you soo.

info NAME helene DATE 06:09:23(Mon)10/04

Hi,Mitsuharu.i will like to know what is going on about freediving and spearfishing in japan.Equipmentyou use or that are made in japan associations address ect.keep in touch,thank you.sulutations from miami,helene

From Down Under NAME M.Dan DATE 21:33:14(Sat)07/31

How are you guys? My name is Mitsuharu Dan. I have been freediving since last November. I am Japanese but now I live in Coffs Harbour in Australia. Coff is well known among spearfishermen because we have an international freediving competetion every year.
The Japanese team join the comp. from this year and then I met many good spearo. One of them, Mr.Terada and his friends made this HP. I hope you guys enjoy this and send some informations here.
Safe diving.



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