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We are continuing to create this page.
It is now possible to send messages to freedivers.
( link to International Freedivers BBS )
This is the page to communicate with the Freedivers of the world in English.

Hello, freedivers of the world!! And greetings to the many people who want to start Freediving!

What is freediving? It's easy. It means diving without SCUBA tanks (holding your breath). Europe is the home of freediving and they call freedivers "Apnea" divers in Italy. It's one of the most popular sports in Europe.

Though most freedivers in Japan started diving under the influence of the cult movie "The Big Blue" by Luc Besson, it's still one of the minor sports here in Japan. As we are only a small nation of freedivers, we had difficulty getting information or news about Apnea diving.

But after we had participated in the 2nd Apnea World Cup in '98 in Italy, it gradually became popular in Japan too.

We will endeavor to provide information for Japanese freedivers, and want them to understand - through our homepages - how to freedive safely and to experience the enjoyment of this sport.

On this website, you can see not only serious news, but also much information for those who love THE SEA and SWIMMING.